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"Paathshala" has provided many facilities to students for all round development of the personality which include Sports, Library, Exhibition, Workshops etc.

Library is an important part of any school. Books are stocked in this template of knowledge. It is visited by the teachers as well as students. Paathshala's library is jewel studded with a vast collection of Books, Journals, periodicals, newspapers and Audio-Visual Media. It has also internet access facility for extended reading and exploration.

Co-Curricular Activity classes
"Paathshala" has set time-table in which activity-classes are given space to emphasize the talent of students. Student can opt one of the activities like computer, mathematics, sports, Yoga, Art & Crafts, Music Vocal and Dance.

Digital Classes
Digital classes are a unique and exclusive interactive system to solve academic problems and to teach the fusion of class activities for creating a qualitative academic environment. An Audio Visual Class room is available here for students. Various Audio-Visual methods are used to discuss syllabus effectively. Digital classes include various exercise and evaluation also to make teaching more effective. Students play an active role while teaching.

Games & Sports
Games and sports are vital in our life. Like food and drink, they are also very important. Games and sports develop in us a sense of fellow-feeling. They train our mind and shape our thinking. Games and sports inculcate in us the spirit of co-operation discipline, honesty and sportsmanship. Our "Paathshala" encourages physical fitness through various sports activities and through various sports events organized at school. Paathshala's students are trained in cricket by an experienced game teacher. In addition to this all other games like Foot ball, Volley ball, Basket ball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi etc. are made available for all-round development of the students. There is space in curriculum for individual and team activities.

Practical labs
To enhance the learning ability and skill and impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts. The "Paathshala" has well equipped laboratory system for science, Mathematics and Computer etc.