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Medium of Education To cope up with the international scenario, the medium of education will essentially be English. However, initially emphasis will be laid on training education through mother tongue/ Hindi.

Apart from this the syllabus is prepared separately from concurrent syllabus of J.A.C. Board by merging the syllabus of N.C.E.R.T. by experienced and eminent teachers and learned persons.

The printed booklet of syllabus of different classes provided to the students in the beginning of the session. There is the provision of projects and assignments of each subject weekly and fortnightly. Besides this, two monthly tests are followed by three term examinations in a year. The students have to attain minimum pass marks in all the examinations.

The marks sheet is sent to the guardian/parents. And answer sheet will be shown to the guardian on parents' teachers meetings. The dates of examination are printed at the back of syllabus booklet. It is compulsory to the guardian/parents to attend the parents' teachers meeting.

Syllabus: Class VI to X Subject offered

Rules & Conduct

Fee must be deposited on time.
It is compulsory for the entire student to have at least 90% attendance in Paathshala. Otherwise, he may be restricted to appear in exams.
If the student get absent for 3 consecutive days without any information then his/her name will be struck off.
If it is very urgent to take a leave then prior applications must be sent for the principal's consent. Otherwise absent will be marked.
It is compulsory for the students of board (IX, X) classes to appear in all the tests and exams conducted by the Paathshala.
It is compulsory for the students to attend all the programs organized by the Paathshala, failing which he/she must face the disciplinary action.
Half day leave is not allowed.
Student must follow all the rules and regulations of the school. Uniform, mannerism, civilized behavior with other students, teaching and non-teaching staff, peon and guards, no harm to the school property are the basic rules to follow strictly.

Hindi English
Sanskrit Mathematics
Science Social Science
General Knowledge Computer
Health & Physical Education Art & Craft


The Paathshala has unique examination system. The students are promoted to next class not only the basis of attend marks in their various examinations but also there are projects, assignment and viva-voce on the basis of which the performance of students is assessed through out the years.


Discipline is necessary in every walk of life. In fact, discipline adds to our success. Without discipline our social life will be sad and disorderly, discipline is the most important factor behind the progress of any nations. All the students will have to abide strictly by the rules and regulations of the Paathshala during their studies enforced from time to time. Any violation will be strictly dealt with.

The school timing:

Generally the school timing is 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. which is likely to be changed according to the need of circumstances. Supposed to come at least 10 minute before the time.